Omani Winter Recruit Application

To see our current recruitment status, see our RECCON page.

Requirements for Progression (raiding) members are, having all expansions, being level 105, having at least 5,000 assigned AAs and being able to raid AT LEAST 35% of our raids.

Contact an officer after filling out this form to ensure it is received.


Progression members are held to separate standards than Casual members, in regards to flags, AAs, etc.

19 Responses to Omani Winter Recruit Application

  1. Aaron says:

    I have several friends and numerous acquantances in OmaniWinter and hope to be sharing the same guild chat with you all soon.

  2. Qeyno says:

    Thank you for your recent approval of my application. I would like to say that I have been playing Ever-quest for almost 12 Years. I love the game and I give thanks to my oldest son for introducing me to the game. I have many friends and acquaintances that I have came to know and love. If I can do anything for any of you just send me an in game request or contact me at

  3. Anthony Smith says:

    I would like to start Progression Raiding. I meet the qualifications now.

  4. Pcoiel says:

    Hi everyone, I am back and I just submitted a recruitment application. I hope it gets approved and starting playing with you all.

  5. Xurbiky says:

    Hello Omani winter I submitted a recruitment application, I just like to run around and play working on the missions in T2 T3 and T4

  6. Sinker says:

    Thanks for letting me apply again guys. My year departure for environmental sampling in Israel put an end to my previous attempt to join, however, I hope this time all works out as planned. Regardless, thanks for letting me attempt this once more.

  7. Destinea says:

    I am currently suffering from cpu issues, and will attempt to log into talk to an officer when possible, regarding my app.

  8. Errian / Adirie says:

    Hi everyone,
    For those that know me I am back, and those that don’t I hope I get the chance to meet all of you soon.

  9. Adirie/Errian says:

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask. thanks

  10. Barbiey says:

    Looking for some friendly chat and some adventurous groups. Any questions please fell free to ask.

  11. Foarian says:

    hi everyone for any who remember me i’m back i’m looking forward to hearing back from you all I know it has been a long time so hopefully I can knock the rust off quick and join you I just submitted my app

  12. Mazoola says:

    Hello EQ Omani Winter. I just posted an app here and hope to be considered soon. A lot of people know me or at least of me and hope my reputation follows me well as I’m quirky and fun loving. I have many friends in OW and hope to see ya in the guild roster soon. Kisses and Hugs.

  13. Venchant says:

    Looking forward to joining some friends in OW that I’ve known for years if my application as a casual player is accepted. Frustrations over the past two years in casual guilds that just wither down to nothingness led me to look at OW once I learned that casual family guild members were welcomed. I don’t mind raiding, but I am just not up with the current skills needed or familiar with the newer expansion encounters. My last fun raids were with Winter’s Legacy when chopping all the heads off of Quarm was the highlight of most weekends. Spending most of my EQ time now duoing with my son and always fiddling with tradeskills, getting closer to max with trophy on most.

  14. Aden Hall says:

    Can i join the guild

    • Fanra says:

      Please fill out the application and we will get back to you. After you fill it out, if you haven’t heard from us in game after a few days, please post here again or otherwise contact us.

      Look forward to seeing your application.

  15. Angur says:

    I am apping for the local Zerker position that is open, hoping I can bring some fresh, heightened, dps to the guild after a short 30 day lapse of judgement.

    I am not star quality, I would consider myself a Comet rushing into your atmosphere at a rapid pace of 19,000 mph. There was already a sonic boom! Fear Not. I shattered no windows!

  16. Kerackdealr says:

    Hi guys looking forward to joining you guys 😀

  17. Kerackdealr says:

    Looking forward to raiding with my friends from OW

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