About Omani Winter

Omani Winter is a progression based, family oriented guild. Our focus is to maintain a steady path of progression through the game, without sacrificing our core family values. To accomplish this goal, we strive to promote the highest possible member performance, while maintaining a manageable level of raid participation requirements.

Our members are encouraged not only to help one another achieve the highest level of performance in the group atmosphere through flags, experience and gear, but are also encouraged to help one another achieve the highest possible performance level in the raid setting through effective communication and education. Our members are also encouraged to maintain and cultivate our family atmosphere both in game and out.

In short, we enjoy the game and enjoy winning, but we also make it a point enjoy each other.

Omani Winter raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8PM ET and Saturdays and Sundays at 7PM ET We are currently raiding The Broken Mirror and starting Empires of Kunark.

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  1. Silverspell says:

    I am a level 105 enchanter with 11,000 + AAs. My current guild is defunct. We were not a raiding guild but I am t2-t3 TDS. I have not raided since We the Foreskin broke up. I joined a very small guild Dread Empire. When it broke up I tried the new progression server. Now that there is a new expansion, I am looking for a new guild. I work retail so this time of the year my play time will vary. If you are interested in me, please give me an email. Oh yeah forgot I have been playing since the game started.

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