Epic 2.5 for Necros

On Thursday night, three of the five mobs for the Epic 2.5 were defeated.  Join in Friday night beginning around 8pm ET to finish the final two battles and get another Omani Winter necro their Epic 2.5.

Necros are the only class that still uses their Epic 2.0s as their main weapon and upgrading to Epic 2.5 will increase the effectiveness of their epic focus.  This means more dps for the guild and more raid mobs dead.

Come join the fun as we turn the tables on Hatchet the Torturer and then move on to cure Tris Wallow III of her werewolf curse.

We will continue to raid Dreadspire Keep until every Omani Winter necro has their 2.5.

UPDATE:  On Friday we went back and finished up but SOE’s random number generator boned us and the epic page did not drop.  We will go back again soon.

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